Wholesale Business

SSC Wholesale Business is spread across Pakistan. Our wholesale program deals with both types of customers (retailers and wholesellers) through a very attractive discount structure and a wide product range so that each customer type is running a profitable business. SSC Wholesale Business currently consists of 13 WHOLESALE BUSINESS CENTERS (WBC), which serve as a touch-point for over 1000 REGISTERED DEALERS and about 5,000 + STOCKISTS. The Wholesale Business Center phenomenon has grown into far more than just a point of sale. Our most important value is "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" both at trade and consumer level. The Wholesale Business operates through numerous regions and cities:


SSC strongly believes in doing quality business. Dealers are selected through a certain criteria. Once selected, they are authorized to work in the respective area (cities) and are allocated a Business Center to fulfill their demand. For further information on the Wholesale Business, contact us through email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.