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Vision Of SSC

To remain a sustained market leader setting higher standards in industry practice and a meaningful impact on the lives of our customers, employees, community & shareholders through innovation and capability.


SSC Corporate Values

SSC bases every aspect of its business on its core organisational values. The values serve as a guideline for the organisation to cater to every business aspect, whether considering the product designs or how the retail representatives greet customers at stores.  

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Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Limited (SSC) is proud to have made a reputable name in the Retail Industry since 1954. The organisation has always pioneered new initiatives to provide the best products to its customers across the country. It is operating through channels of NDURE, Shoe Planet and Soloto. SSC offers products under the brand names of NDURE, Mark Kessler, Reeva, Regale, Calza & Liza. A substantial number of 3,000 employees take immense pride in the rich heritage of SSC and are committed to carrying on with the organisation's legacy. SSC has two large footwear manufacturing plants in Lahore: Shoe Planet (Pvt.) Limited at Sue Assal and SSC Manufacturing (Pvt.) Limited at Sundar Estate. SSC has divided its operative business into segments of Retail & Wholesale, with almost 400 retail stores and 1,000 independent retailers in its wholesale network across Pakistan through 9 Wholesale Business Centers.


  • 1954

    Humble Beginning in Lahore

    Service Sales Corporation (SSC) was formed, with the first outlet opening on Mall Road, Lahore.
  • 1971

    100 Stores

    Reached a milestone of 100 Stores.
  • 1983

    First Brand Launched: Cheetah

    Cheetah – The first Sports Shoe Brand was formed.
  • 1993

    LIZA makes an impression

    LIZA – the first brand for women’s shoes was launched.
  • 2004

    Shoe Planet comes in the universe

    Shoe Planet – The first multi-brand Shoe Store was opened.
  • 2013

    SSC won the ‘Campaign of the Year'

    SSC won the 'Campaign of the Year' award at the PAS Awards for its 'Shoes for Everyone' Campaign.
  • 2017

    New Production Unit

    New Production Unit at Lahore -Sue Assal.
  • 2018

    NDURE's journey begins

    NDURE- The Footwear Fashion brand was launched.
  • 2020

    E-Commerce: A step into the World of Digital

    E-Commerce – The Online Channel was launched.
  • 2021

    New Production Unit

    New Production Unit in Sundar Industrial Estate.
  • 2022

    NDURE’s 350 Stores

    NDURE becomes a network of 350 stores