Board of Directors

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Mr. Shahid Hussain

Mr. Shahid Hussain is the Chief Executive Officer of Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Limited (SSC). SSC has a network of 400 shoe stores under the brands NDURE, CALZA & SHOE PLANET spread all over the country. Being a well-travelled businessman with over 40 years of experience, Mr. Shahid Hussain has previously served as the CEO of Service Industries Limited for a long time until 2011. As a leading businessman and retailer in Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Hussain remains committed to improving his community's state of health and education. As Chairman of the Shahid Hussain Foundation, he instils the spirit of philanthropy and generosity through the various works he supports.

Mr. Shahid Hussain is also:

RECTOR & TRUSTEE: Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
CHAIRMAN: Board of Trustees of Businessmen Hospital Trust - Shalamar Hospital, Shalamar Medical and Dental College, Shalamar Nursing College and Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences, Lahore.
CHAIRMAN: Shahid Hussain Foundation.
MEMBER: Board of Governors of the National Management Foundation.
MEMBER: Board of Directors of the Pakistan Retail Business Council
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Shahid Hussain

Chief Executive
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Mr. Ahmed Hussain

Mr. Ahmed Shahid Hussain is the Director & Chief Strategy Officer of SSC who brings in a new innovative mindset. Mr. Ahmed's previous experience has been at the well-known Microsoft Corporation in Seattle, USA. Moreover, he was a Program Manager for Microsoft's Windows Server Division and held four patents under his belt. He also has a Master's Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Ahmad Shahid Hussain

Director & Chief Strategy Officer
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Mr. Hamid Hussain

Mr. Hamid Hussain leads the manufacturing business for SSC through its subsidiaries: SSC Manufacturing (Pvt) Limited and Shoe Planet (Pvt) Limited. Since establishing the first production facility in 2017, SSC has quickly become a leader in the footwear industry of Pakistan. Prior to joining the organisation's footwear division in 2014, he had led the retail pharmacy brand Servaid as Director. Mr. Hamid joined the company in 2010 after completing his MSc in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California. He had earlier completed his BSc in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University in 2008.

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